An almighty explosion

An almighty explosion

The first Destiny 2 live event happened and overall, it was awesome.

I am going to start with what made this event so good. We will start at the beginning. Flying into the tower 45 minutes before the event started it was night in the tower. Dawn was about to happen and everyone in the tower when to one section and all sat down with emotes at the sun rose. As the day cycled through, everyone rushed around to find the best spot. Then the skybox stopped moving and the almighty got really close.

Next the wait started. My clan chat has never been so active as everyone was in different towers waiting for it to start and joking around. Once it started the chat went crazy with jokes, laughs and frustrations (which I will get into later). The initial explosions were cool and all but nothing great and then finally the real explosion happened. Epic is the only way I can describe it. Debris from the almighty streaked across the sky and everyone in the tower ran to follow it. One more explosion as it hit the ground, this threw us back and made our ears ring (in game). Once that died down, we found that a section of the tower had been damaged. This damaged happened while we were in the tower which was something never expected and opens so much for the game.

I really loved this live event and can’t wait for more. However, it is time to talk about the learning that Bungie is already taking from it. There is only one real learning, it took too long. Bungie went for a realistic approach for all this. While I respect that, it made it so that people were standing in the tower for over two hours. This event could have been done in 15 mins and the community would have been so happy. What happened is people in parts of the world got up at 3am or stayed up and didn’t expect an event to go on for 2 hours.

I really want more of these events to take place in Destiny and I am sure they will. If this is what they can do on their first go and learn from it, the next one will be amazing!

Now this Combat Wombat is off to grab another sanga from the barbie

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