Bungie is brining sunsetting to Destiny 2.  First, I want to state that I am for this. To keep the game fresh there needs to be a reason to go for new weapons and armor. However, there are some problem with Bungie’s design philosophies that are going to make major problems with this system. I want to state where I see things going wrong if they do not address it.

I am going to start with weapons and how they group them. All that I am going to say applies to both PVE and PVP. If you enjoy using a rapid fire pulse rifle and have an amazing energy shotgun or fusion rifle to drop then you will have to give up using your favorite type of primary weapon or you don’t use the new weapon. Currently there is no random rolled kinetic rapid-fire pulse in the game.

This will rub people the wrong way as they will need to go to a weapon that they don’t enjoy as much. It will probably lead to more people not using the new weapons, and if they keep creating rapid fire pulse rifles only in the energy slot then that player will be less willing to try different setups.

This type of weapon grouping is common across the board. Examples are burst sidearms, rapid-fire sidearms, and all fusion rifles. What is even more concerning is 80% of the archetypes will be in the same situation as soon as sunsetting comes into the picture as it is only guns from forsaken that are the one kinetic or energy weapon of that archetype.

Bungie will need to give people options so they can pick up a gun and still be playing like they want to play. Having 3 rapid-fire pulse energy weapons and no kinetic option will not work well with sunsetting.

Also leading into this issue is Vault space. Bungie have stated that they want you to be able to use your favorite guns in general crucible still. I run a vault full of guns because I like to have options to try all the time. The problem with sunsetting will create is new weapons needing to take up vault space and to make room, you will need to get rid of a gun you will never get back. While I might not be able to use a gun in IB, I might enjoy using it in crucible. However, I am going to have to delete it to make room for new weapons coming in.

Just creating vault space will not really solve the problem. The collections are where it needs to be saved. This solution has been said many times by many people. The collections page needs to be able to save not just your roll, but also your kills on that weapon. When you select a weapon from your collections it will take you to a page where it has 3 or 5 rolls that you have saved and you can draw it back out to use and then save it back in when done (to have the updated kills number).

You can already see the vault space issue happening with the current armor system. Going forward you have to keep many different armor sets so that you can use certain mods. As the game continues this will become more and more required and therefore taking up more vault space. Best way to solve this issue is to remove the season requirements for the mods on the armor. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening.

Going forward these design choices by Bungie will need to be addressed or this will not be received by the community well going forward.

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